Spanish women footballers vote to strike over pay

Adult web site proclaims $15M bid for naming rights to Saints’ Superdome

After receiving her law degree from the University of Madrid, she was elected to the 1931 Constituent Assembly, even though women couldn’t vote at that time. She is credited with insisting upon the clause within the structure that ensures gender equality right now. After the fall of the Franco regime, Spain has taken many steps to deal with the difficulty of violence towards women.


After Franco’s victory in 1939, the Falange was declared the only real legally sanctioned political celebration in Spain and it asserted itself as the primary element of the National Movement. In a state of emergency-like standing, Franco dominated with, on paper, more power than any Spanish chief before or since. According to historian Stanley G. Payne, Franco had more day-to-day energy than Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin possessed on the respective heights of their power. Payne famous that Hitler and Stalin no less than maintained rubber-stamp parliaments, while Franco dispensed with even that formality in the early years of his rule. Once the tide of warfare began to show, and Count Francisco Gómez-Jordana Sousa succeeded Franco’s brother-in-regulation Serrano Súñer as Spain’s foreign minister, Spanish diplomacy became “extra sympathetic to Jews”, although Franco himself “by no means said something” about this.