WildlifeDiaries is my virtual conservation effort where I have gathered photographs of the nature & wildlife that are close to my heart.
Firstly,Balamahesh P I’m fortunate to be born in Mysore, the culture capital of India which is in the close proximity to true wildlife. My love towards nature began during childhood days but it was only as I started to appreciate the full wonder of nature and wildlife, I was bitten by the shutterbug. Thats when my real expedition began. There is a very deep joy which comes from being out in wild with nothing but nature for the company and of course my companion my Camera.

I would like to share with you the memories that I could capture from my journey through this small attempt and bring to you in the form of Wildlife Diaries. This Diary is completely dedicated to Nature and conservation also portraying my passion towards it. I believe that the eyes are the best camera so enjoying the nature is more of the essence than photographing them.

My aim is to bring the conservation to next generation so I educate school children about wildlife and nature. This is my trivial contribution to the future world. Although I am not a good writer but I always make an attempt to stay in touch with writing. So you would notice some of my works published in national magazines like Sanctuary Asia and leading news papers.

I always wanted a logo which expressed a little about me and wildlife, yet a bit quirky. The initial thought was of a Pelican Silhouette but finally decided on the Raptor Osprey because of its power, keen senses and also as it is the symbol of positive response to nature .Overall it is defiantly my favorite as it combines the supremacy of nature along with its wonder. This flight picture was captured in Kabini and this at all time has inspired the visual identity of WildlifeDiaries.

Hoping to motivate, inspire and spread the fire of conservation let me take you to the virtual tour of the beauty that I was lucky to be part of. I Hope you will enjoy the journey and leave a good mark to this world.

Associated with DCP Expedition Group, Mumbai
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Interview published in I Am The One (imd1.co)
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